About Us

Dotvik was born of rock-solid expertise and a shared vision to fully realize the potential of new modern technologies for enterprises. The core management team of Dotvik comprises of IIT-ians with more than five decades of experience of develeping and delivering enterprise solutions between them. At Dotvik we strive to leverage the existing systems and augment them with platforms to introduce new technologies, where possible, or develop ground-up mobility first solution to both help sell and entertain and solve business problems.

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What we do

Dotvik prides itself in being able to provide solutions for all genres of technology platforms. Our team's deep domain knowledge and industry-leading expertise lends itself to an array of niche solutions. We focus on enterprise solutions across the diverse technology landscape.

In creating and delivering solutions, Dotvik's focus is on ensuring the three Ss most critical to our approach

Apart from this, our solutions are:

  • Easy To Manage
  • Intuitive And User-Friendly
  • Support Heterogeneous Environments

How we do

Enterprises services

Dotvik's suite of products and services focuses on enterprise solutions. Our business and technology services help organizations select and leverage enterprise solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of their operations. We enable businesses to realize the benefits of modrn technology by seamlessly synthesizing new technologies with emerging business needs.

Service Areas

Dotvik's technical expertise and service suite enable enterprises to comprehend and leverage enterprise mobility. Our strategic approach to mobility and knowledge of best practices turn complex requirements into simple-to-use assets and drivers of growth.

The other service areas we cover are:

  • SaaS and Cloud based enterprise services
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Social media integrations
  • Location-based services
  • Messaging and syncing solutions

Our Professional members

Who we are

The rapid development of technology and its changing landscape and eco-system has always excited us. The nascent enterprise web and mobile technologies made us look hard to create and optimize. The new technology landscape, with its rich eco-system of cloud computing, distributed architecture and mobilily solutions is driving us to find new ways of tapping its potential. We are trained to look beyond, to predict, and be more agile.

Anoop Roy Kundal

Director - Technology

Anoop brings to Dotvik his keen understanding and broad knowledge of telecom, IT and mobile domains. In his 20+ years of hands-on technical development and delivery experience, Anoop has worked with start-ups and growing organizations in India and Europe.Read More

Pradeep Kumar Singh

Director - Engineering

Pradeep strengthens Dotvik with his wide-ranging 20+ years of experience in Internet and mobile technologies. PK, as he likes to be called, has been part of early engineering teams of various start-ups in India and the US.Read More