DotCatalog - Enterprise Platform for Product Catalogues

DotCatalogue is an enterprise software for product catalog management and marketing collateral. It can also be used as a one-stop platform for content discovery, distribution and delivery and it supports all media formats, including audio files, videos, images and PDF documents.

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Key Advantages

Hassle Free

No more creation of paper brochures or new flash files every time.


Update the sales and marketing team instantly. Simply update from the backend and the application will automatically update through notification.

Decrease Long Term Cost

With no more papers, CDs, and frequent couriers, cost is bound to fall.

Do it Yourself

Easy updation of the products. This solution will allow easy addition, deletion and editing of any of its products. Any assigned member of the marketing team will easily be able to update and maintain the catalogue

Server-Side Features

Client-SIde Features

  • Support for both Offline and Online mode.
  • Local Storage, for offline and quick access.
  • Accommodates multiple Screen sizes.
  • Push Notification Integration.
  • Search
  • Google Analytics Compatibility.
  • Device IMEI mapping.

Our Top Examples

Embrace the digital age with AppLot, where mobile content finds its home. Empower seamless access, engagement, and monetization as you offer a world of multimedia experiences to your audience.

Demand and consumption of mobile content has seen a manifold increase over the last few years, resulting largely from the staggering growth in mobile penetration worldwide. The increase has been further fuelled by two recent developments in the mobile devices space: first, increasingly sophisticated smartphones, and second, availability and popularity of feature phones, mostly in developing and emerging markets. Growth of smartphones has phenomenally increased the usage of mobile applications and App stores. The growth on the second side has been due to the increasing availability of non-intelligent or feature phones in developing countries, sourced from manufacturing facilities in China. Users of these low-end and medium-end feature phones are also demanding and ready to consume content that can be used for personalization of phones and aid the users in their daily lives.

The focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) mobile marketplace, with ringtones, games, text messaging, news, and other related content, has continuously expanded. There has also been significant growth in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-employee (B2E) marketplace, as businesses strive to provide mobile access to company information and functionality to business partners, workforce and consumers.

Dotvik's AppLot is a content management system (CMS) designed to manage all kinds of mobile content, supporting growth on both sides of the spectrum (smartphones and feature phones). The system can integrate with any existing mobile value-added service platforms, enterprise platforms, billing systems or content/application portals.

AppLot enables the following functionalities through a modular design:

  • Content acquisition and management
  • Subscriber and user role management
  • Device profile management
  • Content adaptation and delivery
  • DRM and usage management
  • Custom billing integration (SMS and WAP)
  • Virtual credits
  • User ranking
  • Social networking integration (for features such as “Like” , “+1” , “tweet”, “share”)
  • Catalogue management and creation of vertical app stores
  • Reporting and analytics

App-Lot supports all mobile media formats, including full-track music, ringtones, videos, graphic, games, and applications.

The world today is truly a click away, with mobile phones enabling their owners to execute quick decisions about preferences, purchases and personal statements. Popularity of smartphones in advanced economies spurred the development of an array of mobile applications.

There is now an application for almost anything you can think of, and many more are being developed and launched everyday. The targeted user is often the smartphone owner. However, the reality is that smartphones, due to their relatively higher cost and complexity, represent a very small percentage of the handsets currently being sold and used. For mobile application vendors, this represents lost opportunity — billions of low-end and medium-end mobile phone users, especially in emerging markets.

The last decade has seen explosive growth in the mobile devices market, with new and more affordable phones being launched to an eager market in the developing countries. In early 2008, there were only 6 to 8 big brands operating in the mobile phones market, and almost all of them were global. This number increased to over 180 by the year 2011. Many of these new companies partner with mobile equipment manufactures (ODMs) in Taiwan and China to source mobile devices. Operators, OEMs, and content providers can hugely benefit by providing value-added and content-based services and applications on these phones

DotShop's key features include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is DotCatalog?
    DotCatalog is an advanced catalog management system that simplifies product catalog management. It's a comprehensive software solution for businesses seeking an efficient ecommerce product catalog management solution.
  • 2. How does DotCatalog enhance catalog management?
    DotCatalog streamlines your product catalog management with its online catalog management software. It centralizes content, simplifies updates, and ensures seamless distribution across various platforms.
  • 3. Tell me about AppLot's role in content management.
    AppLot is a dynamic software designed for all aspects of content management. It caters to diverse needs, serving as an online software for product catalog management, aiding content delivery, and supporting monetization strategies.
  • 4. What sets DotCatalog and AppLot apart from others?
    DotCatalog stands as a comprehensive catalog management system, while AppLot excels as an innovative mobile content store. Both are tailored to optimize management and distribution, redefining content solutions.
  • 5. Are DotCatalog and AppLot customizable?
    Yes, both platforms are highly customizable. DotCatalog adapts to your product catalog management software needs, while AppLot's modular architecture lets you choose the best features for your content management goals.