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Welcome to the future of enterprise mobility platforms - XMW low-code platform.

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XMW revolutionizes the way businesses operate by offering a comprehensive mobility solution. Catering to the modern needs of businesses, XMW serves as a mobility platform that seamlessly integrates with enterprises, providing advanced tools like lead management software. Unlock innovation, efficiency, and agility with Dotvik's XMW mobility platform for enterprises - the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to excel in a dynamic digital landscape.

Dotvik's XMW platform integrates enterprise technology and mobile innovation, uniting legacy systems and facilitating mobile access. With standard and custom interfaces, XMW seamlessly links to backend systems, ensuring security, authentication, and identity management. It's adaptable too—hosted or behind firewalls, XMW lead management software is a versatile solution.

By aligning XMW with enterprise backend systems, an XMW-enabled App effortlessly accesses legacy resources. For instance, field sales teams can promptly view customer data, place orders, and finalize transactions with a single tap.

Mobiles have reshaped work dynamics, enhancing both performance and job satisfaction. They've become essential tools for agile workplaces, leading enterprises to seek ways to incorporate mobile devices and boost efficiency.

Beyond general corporate and HR Apps, the surge in demand for tailored solutions has companies eyeing apps linked to databases like SAP or Oracle. The challenge lies in navigating development options, from integration methods to data security.

Key Features are as follows:

Your Gateway to Excellence: XMW Key Features:

  1. Unified platform: Single platform with multi-protocol support.
  2. Multi-Device support:Single integration enabling a large number of mobile devices.
  3. Security: Enterprise grade security with built in device identity management, and secure data access.
  4. Scalability:Proven architecture to scale for performance and load.
  5. Speedy development and deployment cycles: An off-the-shelf middle-ware product to quickly solve mobility challenges.

XMW: Empowering Client's Mobile Experience:

  1. Local Storage for offline and quick master access
  2. Native phone features integration
  3. Location, Calendar, Events, Address book.
  4. Device IMEI mapping
  5. SAP GUI features i.e. F4 input help
  6. Forms and reporting engine

XMW Middleware:The XMW Middleware Supports:

  1. Caching of various masters on middleware like customer, materials, division, territory etc
  2. SAP Integration Software, and other ERP solutions using industry standard connectors and adaptors
  3. Mobility Integration using open source JSON based web services
  4. Push framework with Blackberry, iOS and Android
  5. Admin portal for reports and easy device management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Dotvik's XMW Low Code Platform?
    XMW is a revolutionary low-code platform that includes Microsoft Nav Dynamic integration, providing seamless ERP integration. It empowers efficient enterprise mobility management, making it a game-changer among enterprise mobility platforms.
  • 2. Why Choose XMW for ERP Integration?
    XMW simplifies ERP integration with dynamic solutions for Microsoft Nav and Oracle. It's the go-to software for Oracle integration, streamlining data flow and optimizing operations.
  • 3. How Does XMW Elevate Enterprise Mobility?
    XMW stands out among enterprise mobility solutions in India. It unifies enterprise mobility management, enabling mobile access, and ensures smooth operations across diverse devices and platforms.
  • 4. What Sets XMW Apart in Mobility Solutions?
    XMW isn't just a platform—it's a solution. It bridges gaps between technology islands, and with its Microsoft Nav Dynamic integration, it enhances enterprise mobility by enabling mobile access to legacy systems.
  • 5. Is XMW Suitable for My Business?
    Whether you're seeking efficient ERP integration software or robust enterprise mobility solutions, XMW's versatile low-code platform suits businesses of all sizes. It's the answer to your enterprise mobility management needs.