Dealer Management

We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry,delivering the best dealer management software that empowers businesses and transforms their sales and distribution channels. We understand the pain areas and unique challenges faced by companies in managing their dealers and distributors. We offer innovative and efficient solutions that drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
As one of the foremost dealer management systems provider, we specialize in offering cutting-edge software solutions that streamline and elevate every facet of dealer channel management. Our comprehensive suite of tools allows for easy mapping of all process flows and other aspects of dealer management, ensuring seamless integration, real-time data insights, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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Why Dotvik is regarded as one of the best Dealer Management Solution Companies:

Our online dealer management system is developed on our in-house technology- XMW, a middleware platform for dealers and channel partners. The solution integrates with any ERP to pull real-time sales data, order and inventory statuses, incentive details and other sales promotional schemes. With a customer first approach, the solution also enables In-App push notification for sending alerts and other marketing related data directly to dealers and channel partners.

Some key features of the solution are:

  • Allows Dealers to create orders integrated directly into any ERP (SAP, etc.)
  • Get real-time stock status.
  • View sales data month to date and year to date.
  • View real-time credit limits.
  • Monitor incentive schemes and achieve targets.
  • View promotional schemes and data.
  • View sales pendency reports

Key Benefits of our Distributor Management Systems are as follows:

A Mobility Based Solution + ERP Integration:

  1. Not dependent on desktop at shop
  2. Access at home
  3. Access on any device
  4. Direct control to dealer - no errors in orders
  5. Direct integration with organization's ERP
  6. Real-time data relevant to the dealers

Create orders based on the product needed and stock availability

Key actions/information available :

  1. Create orders
  2. Various reports:
  3. Payments
  4. Dispatch details
  5. Sales order pendency, etc
  6. Scheme achievements
  7. Credit availability
  8. Notifications/ real-time & segmented communication
  9. New launches/ catalogues/ trainings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What sets Dotvik apart among dealer management companies?
    Our dedication to excellence makes us the top dealer management systems providers in India. Our innovative solutions cater to both established and emerging companies, ensuring streamlined operations and optimal profitability.
  • 2.What solutions does Dotvik offer as a Dealer Management company?
    Dotvik offers a wide range of services to support automotive dealerships, including inventory management, marketing and advertising support, finance and insurance assistance, staff training, and operational consulting. These services are designed to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and improve overall dealership performance.
  • 3.What makes Dotvik the best dealer management system provider?
    We stand out as a leading provider of dealer management solutions with our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experience led by digital transformation. With features like real-time analytics, streamlined workflow, and robust support, Dotvik empowers companies to achieve operational efficiency leading to unparalleled growth.
  • 4.How does Dotvik stand out as distributor management software providers?
    Our DMS is capable of handling both dealers and distributors. For any company the distributor management software stands as a cornerstone of an efficient distribution network. Our solution optimizes order processing, enhances collaboration, and provides real-time insights, enabling distributors to excel in a complex market landscape.
  • 5.Are Dotvik's DMS solutions tailored for the Indian market?
    Absolutely, Dotvik caters to the Indian market with precision. We are the best DMS providers in India and address the specific needs and challenges faced by dealers and distributors in India, ensuring optimal outcomes and unmatched value.